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Oh hai Elton John. Please to be getting out of my head and taking your blues with you. I don't haz them and I don't wantz them.
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I <3 my new neti pot.

That is all.

(Thanks to [ profile] chiller for posting about how much she loves hers and giving me the impetus to try it.)

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Anne and Vic just got the results of Anne's PET scan. The cancer is in or on her spine and also on or next to her aorta. Very bad news. She's already started chemo, thanks to all the generous people who donated, some of whom are you lovely people reading this, and now they'll ramp up on the chemo and add radiation. I happened to go over to talk to Vic at lunch time and found her on the phone with Anne, as she found out. :(

It will take a miracle at this point, so if you pray, will you please pray for one for Anne?
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Here's the button to donate to the cancer treatment fund for my friend's partner. Every penny helps.

All donation money goes directly to Anne for her treatment. Even if you can't donate, if you could boost the signal by putting this button on your journal or website, it would be much appreciated.
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The partner of a dear friend of mine has very advanced colon cancer that had spread to her liver and lymph nodes. She had surgery and they got everything from her colon, they think. She needs chemo for her liver and lymph nodes. They got all the cancerous nodes, but since it had spread, the chemo is really important.

And her insurance company won't pay for it unless she comes up with $2500 up front, on top of the $500 deductible. Legalities aside, she doesn't have time to fight this before she can start the chemo. Who knows how long that will take? She needs to start the chemo NOW.

My friend Victoria is the most giving, generous, loving person I know. Everyone who knows her adores her. She's just a downright GOOD person. I feel richer for knowing her and I feel like a better person by seeing her example and trying to live up to it. It breaks my heart that she could lose the love of her life, but especially because of insurance company dicking around with them like this. If it's not criminal, it should be.

There's a Facebook group devoted to helping them raise the money to start chemo. If you have anything to spare this year, I know they would and I certainly would appreciate your sending it their way, no matter how small an amount. If you would like to donate, please email me or send me a note on Facebook and I'll give you the address to send a check or Paypal. I'm not a member of the Facebook group on the profile that most of you have in your friends list there because I keep my work profile separate. I'm going to see if Vic will let me put a Paypal donation button here as well.

Even if you can't or would rather not donate money, prayers and good wishes are always welcome and I will pass them along to my friend.

And the next time someone tells me health care in the US doesn't need reform, I swear I will punch them in the face. The real death panels are the insurance companies that want to deny life-saving coverage to their customers. Anne WILL die without this chemo. She may die even with it, but at least she'll have a chance. Without it, she has no chance.

ETA: Here's the button.

All donation money goes directly to Anne for her treatment. Even if you can't donate, if you could boost the signal by putting this button on your journal or website, it would be much appreciated.
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I think the cutest mispronunciation that Edgar does is how she says forget and forgot. She says "awfohget" and "awfohgot." We used to think she was saying "I fohgot" but she will say "I awfohgot." [ profile] llnaughty wants to correct her, but I won't let him. It's about the last thing she says that's not correct pronunciation. I'll miss it when it's gone.
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Today is (was) the day of Fight for Preemies, a day dedicated to raising awareness of premature birth. It's the newest Hallmark Holiday. I'm sure they're busily at work on appropriate cards.

Here are two posts from blogs that I read. Both are moms of preemies, the second a micropreemie. They are good. Go read them.

A Little Pregnant


There are so many reasons babies are born prematurely in the US and worldwide. 20 million babies are born too soon worldwide, every year. I think everyone who reads my journal knows that my second child was one of that number in 2006. I had a placental abruption, an emergency c-section, and a baby born at 32 weeks, 1 day gestation and 3 lbs, 11 oz. I had steroids onboard for about 12 hours before she was born, not nearly the 48 hours they wanted. The first day she was there, she was intubated and surfactant was pumped into her lungs to open them so she could breathe, surfactant that was developed thanks directly to the March of Dimes. They funded research in the 1980s and surfactant has decreased deaths from Respiratory Distress Syndrome-a label that was applied to my daughter-tenfold. She, quite simply, would very likely not have made it if not for the March of Dimes.

Even after 61 days in the NICU, RDS, sepsis, reflux, fears of NEC, weeks and weeks of bradys and apneas, watching her stop breathing, hearing the monitors go off, seeing her change color, sitting her up and rubbing her back to remind her to breath, and at least one time when I walked into the NICU in the morning and the nurse told me she'd almost lost her an hour before, I *know* that we are some of the lucky ones. Our daughter is alive, and is mostly unscathed by her experience. We may yet find out that there are lingering issues. I can't imagine life without this child, and I came so close to losing her, and so close to going right along with her. I didn't realize the graveness of the danger we were both in until much later. I didn't realize how very very serious the sepsis was. I didn't know how close I came to losing her so many times. If not for knowledge gained directly from March of Dimes research, I likely would have. I can't wrap my head around that.

I don't really have a way to wrap this up. If you're so inclined, a donation to the March of Dimes would help them continue research into the causes and problems of prematurity. I thank all the donors whose generosity saved my daughter's life.
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Go to Google's homepage and in the search box, start typing the words "why won't" without the quotes.

Say it with me: doubleyou tee eff?

(I actually do know wtf it's about, but still. WTF?
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WTF? This is news? Even for a tabloid, that's a stretch.
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The Apocalypse has begun. With species passing disease between themselves and others, how long can it be before something a lot more virulent than H1N1 wipes us all out. The Earth will find a way to survive, even as we try our hardest to kill it. It will shrug us off like an unneeded jacket.

h/t to [ profile] lietya.
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Edgar: I want to watch Blue's Clues. I want this. I want that. I want seaweed.
Me: Anything else?
Edgar: I want seaweed.
Me: I want a million dollars.
Edgar. *I* want a million dollars. And seaweed.

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I take a perverse pleasure in making my younger brother the janitor in Restaurant City. Heh.
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h/t to [ profile] chiller

Mildly NSFW if they object to a bit o' profanity. Best to use headphones. But do check it out when you get home if you don't check it out at work.

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Trigger warning, especially comments.

What the hell? Why are all these people defending someone who raped a 13 year old? I don't get it. He should have been extradited years ago. I don't care if he's a great director, a great artist, a great person. He raped a child and admitted it. He should be in prison.
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Does spanking make kids dumber?

Two studies say that it does.

Sure, five IQ points isn't a lot, but what's behind it? What biological, neurological and psychological processes are causing it? And is it worth it when there are other methods that are more effective and don't involve striking a child?
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Transcript of texts between me and my aunt:

Me: Do you know uncle D's address?
Aunt: Yes but i dont know how to text it so you call me



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