Jan. 26th, 2007

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This morning, I put on my jeans, a white Old Navy polo-style shirt and a magenta fleece v-neck sweater. I was looking in the mirror, fixing my collar when my five year old wandered in to the room to admire herslef in the mirror. She got in between me and the mirror, looked at herself, did a couple of poses and then pronounced herself looking "like a high school girl" in her skirt, starry tights, and long-sleeved shirt with striped cami over it. She then deigned to look up at me, pointed to my white collar sticking out of my sweater and said "That doesn't look good. It makes you look Scottish."
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Dear my co-workers,

Perhaps you have never worked in a cube farm environment before. In that case, please let me give you a few pointers on how not to make your neighbors hate you:

1. When you leave your desk, either take your cell phone with you or turn the volume down on the ringer.

2. Please tell the people that need to call you from outside that one call to each of your lines, cell and work extension, is sufficient. They do not need to alternate calling both lines constantly for ten minutes. I can tell that's what they're doing because the ring from an outside call is different from the ring from an internal call. Do they think you're just ignorin their calls?

3. Your popcorn has a scent. No, really. It wafts over my way at precisely 4:30 every afternoon, making my either feel sick to my stomach or crave it. Either way, it sucks.

4. In addition to the popcorn smells, all of the tomato-sauce based things that you microwave do indeed create a noxious odor on half the floor. It might be nice if you varied your diet once in a while, or at least went to the cafe to eat.

5. For crying out loud, close your damn door when you use the speakerphone! You have an office with a door. Most of us aren't so lucky and can't block out the sound of you checking your voicemail and talking to people on your speakerphone. It's so not cool!

Your irritable co-worker


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