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The scene: Driving to a local coffee house to get coffee with Bob

Interior of car

Bob is looking at a random piece of paper upon which she has drawn two lines. She notices a very tiny green caterpiller crawling on it.

Bob: Aaaagh! Mama! A worm!
Me: What? Where?
Bob: On the paper! Aaaaaagh!
Me: Okay, give it to me. [looks] That's not a worm, it's a caterpiller.

I take it from her and, not wanting to just dump it out in the street to a certain death, find a place to pull over and put it on a bush. We then continue on our way.

Bob: I don't like caterpillers!
Me: Why not? They turn into butterflies.

[discussion of caterpillers, moths, butterflies, what type of butterfly or moth that particular caterpiller would turn into, involving speculation on what type of butterfly a pink caterpiller with yellow spots would turn into.]

[Arrival at coffee house, parking car, getting out and walking toward the building]

[Bob is wiping her eyes on the corner of my jacket]

Me: Why are you wiping your eyes on my jacket?
Bob: [obviously] My hands are dirty! I touched the caterpiller!
Me: Caterpillers aren't all that dirty sweetie.
Bob: [exasperated] Uh! It's friends with the slug!


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