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I'm on hold with the pediatrician's office making an appt for Edgar and the hold music is "My Humps". For a minute I thought it was a child's version, which REALLY creeped me out, but it appears that the standard version sounds like a child singing. Which really creeps me out.


Mar. 29th, 2007 10:24 am
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So there's a woman on one of my breastfeeding lists who was at a dr appointment yesterday with an endocrinologist who is supposed to be the leader in endocrinology for reproductive issues. She took her nine month old son with her. At one point, a neurology resident was taking a history and doing an exam, and the baby needed to eat. She started feeding the baby and the neurologist said he'd leave and come back. The mom said it's no problem, just keep doing the exam and she'd put hte baby down if she needed to. So he said, get this, "maybe I'd better leave because the baby might get embarassed." A doctor. She told him that she and her baby were fine with nursing and he's a doctor so he should just work through it. Good for her!

And then the endocrinologist was in there and he said since the baby was healthy and active that she must be giving him lots of table food. She said no, only a tablespoon here and there. So he said "What are you trying to do, give the baby a breast fetish." Bzuh?

Ignorance about nursing, EVEN IN MEDICAL CIRCLES is absolutely astounding.
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Just, wow. Headphones if you're at work.

And this, my friends, is why I will never buy a Barbie for my kids.
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Penile nutrients

That's the subject header of my most recent spam. That just made me giggle.

What do you suppose penii need, nutritionally?
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Dear Dual Action Cleanse Infommercial Guy,

Perhaps if you weren't so creepy-looking, people might not be so icked out when you talk about "cleaning out the pipes" and "having thick long bowel movements with excellent girth and length". I suggest a haircut, a shave and no more botox as a minimum. (It's just not right to talk so animatedly about poop and not have your eyebrows move at all. It makes your face look dead.) And you might want to stay out of the sun. (Hello, skin cancer!) I'm glad to see that at least on your website, you have pleasant non-creepy-looking happy people which I can only assume is because they have nice thick bowel movements. Maybe you should get some of those people on the infommercial to counteract your creepiness.

Peristaltically yours,

P.S. Please stop talking about how your 4 year old daughter's poop is as thick as your wrist like it's some sort of prize.
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WTF is wrong with this judge?

If the kid was two years older, there's nothing he could do, but since he's under 18, the judge can just ignore what the kid and his parents want and force him to have treatment? If it were my kid, we'd be moving somewhere they don't force people to undergo medical treatment they don't want. Sixteen is old enough to make that decision, with support from his parents.
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Okay, I know I'm not the only one who thinks this is just *wrong*.

Quote from some f'ed up cartoon on Cartoon Network. I believe the show is called "bo bo-bo bo bo bo-bo". At least that's what they said would return in a minute before the Ab-Lounge XL commercial came on.

"Aaaagh! My potsticker got licked by ninja tongue!"
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Another OMGWTF moment.

Luchtime. [ profile] llnaughty and I were returning from eating out. We parked in a parking structure that has three aisles and you go around and around to go up or down. I was on the end, another car turned from the middle aisle in front of me, and I proceeded to follow them. Instead of continuing, I had to slam on my brakes because the next car from the middle aisle didn't yield right of way to me (which he should have, as I was already in the crossing aisle and he was trying to get into it) and he just went. I made a WTF face, and he yells out his window "Stop, you fucking cunt!" I looked at [ profile] llnaughty and asked him if I was in the wrong there, if this guy should have had right of way or should have stopped, because, I admit, sometimes I can get a little myopic. He agreed with me that I was in the right and that the guy's reaction was a tad excessive.

Now, those who know me know that I'm generally a pretty nice person, and not really deserving of being called a fucking cunt, even when I'm being unpleasant. But this guy cut me off and then STILL needed to yell obscenities at me? He must have some major anger issues.

So, we followed him around and around until we got to the place where you can turn into the middle aisle again to go back up. He turned, I went straight so I could exit. I rolled down my window and yelled "Asshole!", to which he replied with the same old tired thing he called me before. Asshole didn't really feel adequate for what he did, but it was the best I could come up with without resorting to screaming the F word in a public parking structure. (I know, I know, screaming asshole isn't all that much better.)

WTF is wrong with people?


May. 3rd, 2005 12:05 am
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Seriously, WTF? It's a freaking epidemic!
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Uh huh-huh. I won a million dollars on national TV, but the IRS won't notice.
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So, um, he didn't FEEL it when it went in? There's no cut on his face or in his mouth? No entry wound? I don't understand.
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Can you imagine coming home from vacation to this?


May. 16th, 2004 12:59 pm
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I was just listening to a story on the radio about a soldier from Florida who wrote home from Iraq to his former boss, the chief of police in Ocala, Florida, asking him for any spare Kevlar vests, BECAUSE THE SOLDIERS DON'T HAVE KEVLAR VESTS! And they want as many as possible so they can take also them apart and line the Hummers with them because there's no armor on the vehicles. WTF?

Whether you support the war or not, I think we can all agree that our soldiers need to have bullet proof vests over in Iraq. How do you run a war and not give the soldiers freaking bullet proof vests?
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I don't know what disturbs me more: the site itself, or that it's done by Burger King.
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Apparently I had a bloody nose last night. I woke up with blood all over my fingers and on my pillow. I have a vague recollection of feeling something in my nose and trying to get it out, so that must have been a clot or something. Very strange to wake up all bloody and realize you've been picking your nose in your sleep, even if it's just to get the big clot out of it.
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Those of you who know me probably know that I have a little issue with personal privacy. I don't fill out surveys, I don't give my name over the phone, and I don't give my phone number at Toys R Us or Waldenbooks when they ask for it. I don't want junk mail, and I don't want to make it easy for identity thieves to get ahold of my info, or THE MAN to track my every movement. I figure I'm already in some FBI files, since I took part in some protests back in college. Some may say I'm a little paranoid, but with the Patriot Act in force, I'm not convinced that I am.

So anyway, this morning, something happened that hit that little privacy nerve dead on. )


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