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I'm sick. My little germ factory was sick last week and she lovingly passed it along to me. At night I'm wheezing and wondering if I should get up and suck down one of her Xopenex nebulizer treatments and if I don't, will I wake up later, unable to breathe, will I be able to get everything set up and take the treatment before I suffocate? I actually put all the stuff at the ready last night, in case I'd only have seconds after waking up to get my breathing passages open. (Yes, I am that dramatic.) Maybe I should email my doctor and ask her to call in an inhaler for me. I'm all crackly and wheezy.

During the day I'm leaking from all the holes in my face. You know that feeling, that itchy feeling, when you're going to sneeze, before you get to the actual sneezing point, where you look at a light to help move it along? I have that all the time. It makes my eyes water and my nose run. I could barely drive this morning because it was very bright out and I was having trouble keeping my eyes open because of the pre-sneeze feeling. Oh yeah, and I'm coughing too. Those deep chest coughs where you taste the smell of blood in your throat. We all had this very illness in December and now the little one and I have gone in for round two. She is on antibiotics because she had a RAGING ear infection early Sunday morning that kept us up from midnight to four with her screaming "Owie! Owie!" until we were finally able to convince her to take some ibuprofen.

It occurs to me that this is probably RSV. It has all the same symptoms. Whee!

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Just call us Castle Barfenstein!

Tuesday night / Wednesday morning: Edgar is vomiting every ten minutes for 2.5 hours. She and I spend midnight to 6am at the ER, where she gets an x-ray to rule out an intestinal blockage, a catheter to get urine (second try is the charm), an IV with three boluses of fluids (again, second try is the charm), blood tests, thankfully pulled from her IV (once again, second try is the charm). We're finally sent home at 6 am with nothing out of the ordinary except a high white cell count, which indicates that she's mounting an infection. No more barfing after 3:30 am.

Wednesday, sleep from 6:30-11:00 am. [ profile] llnaughty and I both stay home because we've been up all night. Edgar starts barfing again around 11:45 and goes about four times between then and her dr appt at 2:45. Barfs right before we leave and then not again. Dr says she looks fine and to watch her. If she starts the barfing so frequently again, he will admit her to the hospital for danger of dehydration and she will get another IV. I would like to avoid that at all costs.

Wednesday night / Thursday morning: [ profile] llnaughty is up frequently throughout the night, barfing.

Thursday: [ profile] llnaughty continues barfing. My belly feels yucky. Baby does not barf until 3:30pm, just after I walk in the door from picking up Bob, who has been sent home from school for, you guessed it, barfing. I make her a bed on the chaise in the living room, and she sleeps the rest of the afternoon, until she decides she wants to lie down in bed with Daddy. They've both been asleep since about 6pm. I am currently sitting on the couch with Edgar trying not to barf until she goes back to sleep, so I don't have to wake up [ profile] llnaughty to hold her and listen to her cry while I barf. I have planned all my eating today with the sure knowledge that I will be seeing it again soon. The last two times I've had stomach flu were preceded by sushi (11/06) and El Pollo Loco (several months ago, but I don't remember when). It took me at least 7 months to eat sushi again and I'm still not interested in El Pollo Loco. I doubt I'll be working tomorrow.


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