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I'm actually hungry! Like, my stomach is growling! I haven't felt that sensation since like September. Maybe I'll actually gain some weight instead of losing now. Go me!
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In case you were wondering...

The sensation of an uncomfortably full bladder and the sensation of a fetus sitting on one's bladder are remarkably simlar. This causes one to constantly run to the bathroom only to find that relieving oneself of 3 drops does not change the sensation. There appears to be no solution, other than making sure one's bladder is always full, so as not to constantly create a situation of unfulfilled promise of cessation of discomfort. The constant discomfort is there, but one doesn't constantly expect to have it go away, and thus, one is not constantly disappointed.
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Okay, I expect food smells at lunch time. I dont' *like* them, but I deal. And I can leave and go to lunch myself. But 9:45 in the morning is not acceptable for there to be a tomato sauce and garlic smell wafting through the floor! What is wrong with these people? Don't they know I'm pregnant???
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Argh! Ophthalmic migraine! I never had a single migraine when I was pregnanct with Bob, but now I have an ophthalmic one, and I can feel the vise tightening on my head in preparation for all out migraine. And I can't tell if the nausea is just from the regular pregnancy nausea, or from the impending migraine. Please excuse any typos. I am just now getting my vision back after about 45 minute of pretty flashy squiggly lights. Still can't really read, but I can sorta touch type.

I hope this is not a harbinger of the rest of the pregnancy. I've been getting a lot of headache later in teh day, which I think is caffeine withdrawal. Seems to clear up with I have some iced tea. I'd like to cut back more, but I"m not going to go through migraines wihthout the solace of ibuprofen.
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Do you think it's reasonable to ask everyone in my office to stop wearing scents until June? Even nice mild ones that I'd normally like are really making me ill, like dry heaving ill.

Probably not. *sigh*

Maybe a mask would do the trick. Or a sign on my door that says "If you smell like anything, stay out of my cube!"


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