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What a fascinating time in a mother's life is having a fourth grader. I was woken up this morning by some very interesting questions.

"Mama. Mama. Mama, would you have ridden in the front of the bus?" "Huh?" "The front of the bus. You know, how I would have had to be in the back of the bus? Would you have ridden in the front?"

This led to a discussion of how back when I was born, my marriage was illegal. It took a minute for the literal mind of the nine year old to wrap around the *if I were an adult at that time* part. First thing she said was "You couldn't get married when you were born. You were a baby!"

I'm in unfamiliar territory here. I grew up as a girl and woman, but I didn't grow up as a non-white girl and woman. There's a whole lot more sexualization and exoticness assigned to an Asian female child and I didn't and don't experience that, so I don't know how to guide her through it either. Despite my girls being half white, they will grow up being assigned the ethnicity of Asian, Chinese, Other, Exotic. Given Bob's beauty, this will be compounded. I also did not grow up as a stunning beauty, so a lot of that kind of attention was not directed my way. She already gets that, and has since she was an infant. The first thing a stranger says to me when I'm out with her is how beautiful she is. I don't know how to respond most of the time. Yes, she's gorgeous, but she's also a child who deserves not to be summed up by that alone, not to have her appearance be the only thing that people notice.

I guess I don't really have a cogent point here, which kind of sums up where I am on both issues.
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Grr. Afterschool program teacher has been making Bob wear her sweater when they play outside. I trust her to know whether she's cold or not. The kid is five years old, fer crissakes. I already had a conversation with one teacher, and it was passed on to her main afterschool teacher, who made a point to tell [ profile] llnaughty that she doesn't force the kids to wear sweaters. Apparently it didn't make it to the other one, who is in charge after the first one leaves, for an hour before I get there to pick her up. So now I have to have the conversation with the other one. It's so obvious to me that you don't force a child to wear a jacket, it's hard for me to come up with an explanation that doesn't sound snarky. It's not like it's 40 degrees out. It's in the mid to high 60's and she's running around like a fiend, and she gets hot. I figure she'll put it back on it she gets cold. I've done this with her since she was a toddler. She knows her body, not the teacher. I hate having to do this.
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I'm the best parent EVAH!

Overhead in the [ profile] erbie car this morning:

Me: Grrr! Move, you idiot!
Bob: ...
Me: ...
Five minutes later:
Bob: Mama? What does idiot mean?
Me: It's a not nice word that Mama shouldn't have said.
Bob: You still didn't tell me what it means.

*bows* No need for applause.

(Hey, at leat she didn't *already* know what it meant!)
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I'm not one to brag about my precocious offspring, usually. But I just changed Edgar's diaper on a blanket on the floor, flipped her over onto her tummy for a minute, to give her tummy time, and went in the kitchen to toss the diaper. She started fussing as I was washing my hands, and I dried them and came back in to find her on her back. Yes, my 11 week old, 3 weeks adjusted, rolled from her belly to her back. I'm more shocked than anything else. I'm sure it's a fluke and she won't do it again for months, but Bob didn't do that til she was 3.5 months old, and then not again for several weeks. If anything, I'd expect Edgar to be delayed, because of her prematurity.
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This baby sure poops a lot. I had forgotten how much babies poop! I've already changed thwo poopy diapers and I'm waiting for her to wake up so I can change a third.

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Scroll down to the tattoo part.

What would you do if your 16 y.o. wanted one? What about if, as in my case, you have one yourself that you got at 19? (What about if you were so sure at 19 that it was something you'd always want on you, but now, you wish you'd gotten something else?) I don't hate my tattoo, in fact, I still like it just fine, I just can think of more interesting things to have permanently on my body.


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