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"Breast milk alone may provide infants with all the nutrition they need." (emphasis mine)

May? Pardon me while I alternately laugh my head off and cry.

I really wonder how these people think humanity survived before the invention of formula.


Mar. 29th, 2007 10:24 am
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So there's a woman on one of my breastfeeding lists who was at a dr appointment yesterday with an endocrinologist who is supposed to be the leader in endocrinology for reproductive issues. She took her nine month old son with her. At one point, a neurology resident was taking a history and doing an exam, and the baby needed to eat. She started feeding the baby and the neurologist said he'd leave and come back. The mom said it's no problem, just keep doing the exam and she'd put hte baby down if she needed to. So he said, get this, "maybe I'd better leave because the baby might get embarassed." A doctor. She told him that she and her baby were fine with nursing and he's a doctor so he should just work through it. Good for her!

And then the endocrinologist was in there and he said since the baby was healthy and active that she must be giving him lots of table food. She said no, only a tablespoon here and there. So he said "What are you trying to do, give the baby a breast fetish." Bzuh?

Ignorance about nursing, EVEN IN MEDICAL CIRCLES is absolutely astounding.
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The universe does not want me to take my herbs.

It's nasty tasting, so I must take it with apple juice to mask the taste enough to make it swallowable. Yesterday I didn't have any so I took it it with water. Big mistake. With apple juice, it just kinda adds a spicey taste. With water, it's horrid. I almost spat it out.

Today, I still did not have any apple juice. Luckly, the vending machine near my desk has it! Yesterday it was out, but surely by today it will be refilled! I scrounged around in my purse for the $1.50, finding a variety of nickels and two one dollar bills.

A. I took one dollar and 50 cents in change and went to the machine. I put in the dollar. It came back out. I turned it around and put it in. It cameback out. I flattened the corners and put it back. It came back out. Grr.
B. So I moved over to the snackl machine, thinking I'd put it in, push the change return button and get quarters back. I put the dollar in. It kept it. Success! NOPE! It wouldn't give me anything back. I had to buy something, which meant even with teh cheapest thing, I didn't have enough money with me to buy the juice. Went back to my desk and got the other bill. See A. Grr again!
C. Went back to my desk and scrounged around in all parts and found $1.50 in change! Went back to the vending machine, put it in, and guess what? Sold out! Argh!
D. Went upstairs to the identical kitchenette with vending machines. Hmm, No apple juice. But it did have Cran-Apple-Raspberry. Debated as to whether that would work, or if I should go down two floors and see if that machine had apple. Figured why risk it. Got the juice and brought ut back to my desk.
E. Cran-Apple-Raspberry does not go well with fennel, fenugreek, blessed thistle and nettle. Blech! But it was better than water. Now I have an almost full 15-oz bottle of Cran-Apple-Raspberry juice. I need to decide if I should just drink it on its own or try to use it next week. They're cleaning out the fridge tonight and they show no mercy, so to use it, I'll have to bring it home and then bring it back on Monday.

I have to get some apple juice for home anyway, so I think I'll just drink the Cran-Apple-Raspberry and refill the bottle with apple for Monday.
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I'm taking an herb called Goat's Rue to help with extracting enough milk from my breasts to feed my baby when I'm at work and she's at daycare. One of the things it's used for is to increase breast tissue in adoptive mothers so that they can nurse their adopted babies without their bodies having had the hormonal help of a pregnancy. I don't really care about the size increasing aspect. I'd rather mine weren't bigger, but I'm encouraged by the increase in output.

So, I've been noticing an increase in the chestal region the last week or so. [ profile] llnaughty happened upon me the other day when I had just gotten out of the shower, did a double take, and then his eyes bugged out of his head, tongue lolled to the side like a bassett hound, eyes glazed over and just stood there, blocking my egress from the bathroom.

So now, I can't go around with no top on in the house because all three other members of my household stare longingly at my chest. Freaks!

Which is all to say: Boobies!
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I'm always amused when I take my lactation herbs at work. I take a tincture which tastes horrid, so I put it into about an ounce of apple juice to mask the taste. I keep the apple juice in one of these, because it's about the only thing I have in my house with a tight fitting lid. Why buy something new when you have something that works perfectly fine? it holds about the amount I need for a week. Whenever someone sees me getting the bottle out of the fridge and pouring some into a cup, I giggle inside at what they must be thinking.
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Well that was fun.

A car just took out a pole a block away and knocked out power to half the city for half an hour. Right when I needed to pump. I thought I was okay until a friend pointed out the blossoming spot on my shirt. I just spent the last 20 minutes expressing by hand so I wouldn't be soaked. I hope it dries cleanly. And just now the guy who has to comment on everything ([ profile] llnaughty, you know who it is) walked by and said "Well I guess the pump works without electricity." Dork. Electricity is back on, in case you hadn't noticed!

Hopefully it stays on, at least until I'm done.

Yesterday at around 2, construction next door hit a water line and took out our water for the rest of the day. So we had no bathrooms after 2 pm. That was fun too, considering the amount of water I drink.
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You know you've been spending way too much time and effort on extracting milk from your boobs when... dream that you went on a cruise (without your baby!) and realized after sailing that you forgot your pump. You then proceed to panic and run around the ship screaming about OMG THE PUMP I FORGOT MY PUMP! Your mother's boyfriend then magically appears at your first stop (Acapulco!) with your pump and you are forever grateful. Somehow, you got to Acapulco before your boobs got all 'splodey, which is nigh impossible, given the amount of time it takes to get there from where you started.


(And now I must go extract, as merely talking about it makes me leak! Argh!
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In response to a recent question about why I still nurse my kid at three and a half years old, here is a list of benefits of extended nursing.
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Article about a nurse-in at Starbucks

I was getting kind of annoyed with the way this article was presented, with all the comments from the women making them seem so "out there". And then the comment from the guy, at the end, about "In a place where I'm eating or drinking, that's the last thing I want to see," really chapped my hide. This is such a hot button issue for me, for obvious reasons, but also because, you know, America, get the fuck over it.

Breasts are for feeding babies. Any sexual or advertising enjoyment you get is frosting.

If you don't want to see it, stop staring. It's not like I want you to see my boob. And frankly, I think you'd rather catch a fleeting glimpse of my boob than listen to my kid screaming for it in your ear for half an hour. And no, I will not go into the restroom and feed my child. Do you eat your lunch in the restroom? Do you feed your 6 year old her happy meal where people shit? I didn't think so. So don't ask me to feed mine there. And no, I will not put a blanket over her head. Have you tried putting a blanket over your head when you eat? Try it sometime. It's hot and stuffy and uncomfortable. And I'm not going to do that to my child on the off chance that some poor delicate soul is going to be traumatized by catching a fleeting glimpse of my breast doing what God made it for.

You know why some nursing mamas are so in your face? Because people are constantly telling us to go feed our babies in the bathroom, telling us to go somewhere else, telling us to cover ourselves. When really, most of the time when I'm nursing, people come up to me and say how sweet, baby's sleeping. They have NO clue. If you don't want people to be in your face about it, stop harrassing them!

Bottom line: Don't want to see it? LOOK AWAY.
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I mean, aside from producing the worst excuse for a President, they took away a mother's children because she took a picture of her one year old son breastfeeding, burst in on and arrested two men for having sex IN THEIR OWN HOUSE.

And now, they're prosecuting a woman for trying to help women enjoy sex.

You know, because God forbid a woman should enjoy sex or get any help from another woman in learning how!

So much for keeping the government out of our private lives, huh?


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