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So it looks like the insurance wants to fix the car, rather than total it. I'm happy and sad about that. Happy because I love my car, but sad because I don't know if I'll ever feel safe in it. We may look into trading both our cars in for something else. They're both paid off and we're not really in a position where we can afford a car payment at this point. Trade-in value on both cars together might just cover a new car. We like the Mazda5 we have on rental right now. It's so much more family friendly than the Forester, now that we have two kids and sometimes want to transport more people than just us. Sliding doors rock! I do have high praise for Subaru's designers though! We were hit at 40 mph and none of us has more than a few achey muscles. The car needs over 5k of repairs, but it did what it was supposed to do and protected us all, from the 17 lb infant to the [number redacted]-lb adults. Also big love goes out to Britax for their phenomenal carseats. And also to all my CPST friends and listmates whose advice caused us to make the choices we made in carseats, and to be so completely anal about them that they were properly installed and used. They undoubtedly saved Edgar's life, and likely prevented Bob from spending some serious time in the hospital, if not outright saved her life.

We took the kids back to the ped yesterday and they both checked out fine. We also both went in and saw our doctors. Mine took x-rays and offered me meds which I don't want to take because I'm still nursing. [ profile] llnaughty's took x-rays and offered him PT as well as muscle relaxants and high dose ibu. (I think I like his better. She did a much more thorough exam and seemed a lot more compassionate. I think I'll change to her.)

Thanks to everyone for your kind words. It means a lot to know that we have so many people who care about us, many of whom we've never even met.
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I have a crown that has never gotten completely desensitized. I had my teeth cleaned on Friday and mentioned it to the hygeinest who took an x-ray. The dentist wasn't in, so she looked at the x-ray today and called me back. I have an abcess, which means that part of the root is still in there. I've been telling them ever since I had the root canal done that it was still sore, and I had the root canal doen before we moved out of CT, which is coming up on four years.

So now I have to go to the endodontist and get the rest of the root taken care of.

Does anyone remember when I said I'd rather go through unmedicated labor than have another root canal? This will make four, count 'em FOUR times this same tooth has had root canals done on it. I'm toying with the idea of having them just pull the damn thing out! I'm seriously considering crying.
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Dear Self,

Your body is telling you something. It says "Do not, under any circumstances, fail to consume an adequate amount of caffeine before noon, or you will pay!" For the second time in three days, you have an aura. At least this time, the pretty flashy lights only lasted 20 minutes, but that's made up for by the fact that the pain seems to be creeping in this time, and also by the fact that you can't see to read. You can type, but reading comprehension is way way down. When it takes you 5 minutes to read a short paragraph, you know there's a problem with something in your brain. Also, the lack of ability to think coherently should give you a small clue.

In the future, please be kind enough to consume an adequate quantity of the caffeine-containing beverage of your choice prior to 12 noon. Your cooperation is appreciated.

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Argh! Ophthalmic migraine! I never had a single migraine when I was pregnanct with Bob, but now I have an ophthalmic one, and I can feel the vise tightening on my head in preparation for all out migraine. And I can't tell if the nausea is just from the regular pregnancy nausea, or from the impending migraine. Please excuse any typos. I am just now getting my vision back after about 45 minute of pretty flashy squiggly lights. Still can't really read, but I can sorta touch type.

I hope this is not a harbinger of the rest of the pregnancy. I've been getting a lot of headache later in teh day, which I think is caffeine withdrawal. Seems to clear up with I have some iced tea. I'd like to cut back more, but I"m not going to go through migraines wihthout the solace of ibuprofen.
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Do you think it's reasonable to ask everyone in my office to stop wearing scents until June? Even nice mild ones that I'd normally like are really making me ill, like dry heaving ill.

Probably not. *sigh*

Maybe a mask would do the trick. Or a sign on my door that says "If you smell like anything, stay out of my cube!"
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Tonight I'm having an MRI and an MRA. Of my brain. I wonder if I'll get any cool brain images to take home, like I did when I had an ultrasound when I was pregnant. It's a...BRAIN!
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Tried to donate blood today. Got all the way to the blue liquid. It went half way down this time and then paused, and then kept going. This is much better than it usually is. Usually it just floats. But then the dreaded centrifuge. Missed it by one point! Argh! I wonder if I could donate platelets. [ profile] fairoriana, is the hematocrit standard different for platelets?

I need to hit the broccoli and beans. (Hmm, life will be pleasant in my household for a while! Heh)
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So I used to get migraines before I was pregnant with my now 3.5 year old kid. I didn't get a single one while pregnant, and at least until she was 18 months old. I've only had about 3 or 4 since then. Until 2 weeks ago. I have had four in the last two weeks, including one last Friday and one today. And they start with the fun ocular/ophthalmic/aura part. I was driving when it started today. Luckily, I was almost back to work at lunch time. I'm starting to become disturbed by the frequency. I saw my dr on Friday, who gave me a prescription for Flonase and said if it's still happening over the next couple weeks, to call her nad she'll give me a referral for a neurologist. So when I got one today, I said screw it, and called her and asked for one now. Hopefully she'll get it to me quickly. This is freaking me out.
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We've been using Elidel on Bob's eczema since she was barely two. Interesting that the article notes that babies and kids under two who used it had a higher incidence of upper respiratory infections. Bob has those all the damn time.
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Ugh. I'm sick. I left work early, stopped and the store and picked up two different flavors of ice cream to sooth my sore throat, some Nyquil so I can sleep, and the latest issue of Us Magazine. I don't think I'm going in tomorrow.

Pity me, all you healthy people.
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All I can say is thank all that is holy for Puffs with lotion!


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