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Snapdragons again! Red and yellow. $1 for a bunch of nine to eleven stems. And buy two, get one free! So I gave the pink ones to my cube neighbor because it makes her SO HAPPY when I give her flowers. I get more out of her reaction than she gets out of getting flowers, I'm pretty sure. :)
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It's Wednesday. Must be flowers.

Today's haul is three bunches of snapdragons. Red, orange and white. I got three more bunches, two yellow and one a mauvey purple, and gave them to two of the other women on my floor. They were having a special today, all flower bunches buy two, get one free. And the snapdragons were $2 again this week. So I spent $8 and got 60 stems of snapdragony goodness!

Also: week-old flower water is a smell the nastiness of which was hitherto unknown to me. And delphiniums drop their petals ridiculously easily. I had a purple carpet and desk when I came in today and when I took them out to toss them, even more fell off.
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It's Wednesday and you know what that means! I have flowers! Today's bouquet is delphinium and it's so bluey-purpley-blue! I love how it looks like i just picked them from the garden. They're so wild-looking! These are not the ones that look like snapdragons, they're the ones like the picture.

I need a flower icon.
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I have $5 worth of snapdragons in a vase on my shelf. I got them at the Farmers' Market. You'd be surprised at how many snapdragons $5 buys. I think it's about two dozen stalks. You can see them all the way down the hall. I'm actually a little embarrassed because people keep asking me if it's my birthday, such is the bounty of the snapdragons. They should know by now that I buy them every week at the Farmers' Market. This week is orangey-pinky-yellowy. Last week was white freesia and purple and red sweet peas. The week before was fuchsia snapdragons and the week before that was pink snapdragons.


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