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The bear. What is that little fly-thing? I saw it. [The dragonfly at the restaurant?] No, the fly-thing here. I don't like Sunny Patch, cause it has bugs. I don't like bugs that are real.

One time there was a dragonbug. And then there was a silly eyeball bug. Then there was a curtain ring bug. And then there was spot bugs. And then they were some butterfly bugs. And then they were some hambugs. [ham bugs?] Hand bugs. Mano bugs. (Goes off into a tangent in Spanish about pinatas that I didn't quite follow.) Then there was a pinata hanging on a branch with a rope holding onto it, tied up on a branch. The end.

ETA: This is a story from the mind of an almost four year old. The comments [in square brackets] are me talking and the parentheticals are narration.
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I think the cutest mispronunciation that Edgar does is how she says forget and forgot. She says "awfohget" and "awfohgot." We used to think she was saying "I fohgot" but she will say "I awfohgot." [ profile] llnaughty wants to correct her, but I won't let him. It's about the last thing she says that's not correct pronunciation. I'll miss it when it's gone.
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Edgar: I want to watch Blue's Clues. I want this. I want that. I want seaweed.
Me: Anything else?
Edgar: I want seaweed.
Me: I want a million dollars.
Edgar. *I* want a million dollars. And seaweed.

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This morning, walking down the path to daycare:

Edgar: Where are we going?
Me: You're going to see [caregiver] and I'm going to go to work
Edgar: Because your jelly will spill?
Me: Um...yeeeaaah.
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In the car:

NPR: Blah blah blah President Obama blah.
Edgar: Oh! Barack Obama! Barack Obama! He's my fravorite in the whoooole world! Barack Obama! I LOVE him!
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Edgar: Mama, say [gruff voice] "What's! So! funny?! Ha! Ha! Ha!"
Me: [guff voice] What's! So! funny?! Ha! Ha! Ha!"
Edgar: Noting. I'm just laughing. Ha ha ha ha ha!
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Conversations with a two year old

"We have to go to seep. It's pweven o'clock."

Upon leaving Bob's friend's house the other evening, walking out the door before Bob and Daddy:
"Oh! I fohgot Daddy!"

Staying up WAY too late the other night and Daddy was trying to sing to her to get her to sleep:
"Um, Pe, um, Daddy? Rainbow Connection is nice, but..."
He got through one verse of Rainbow Connection before that happened. Unfortunately, we giggled and she asked us what was funny and lost her train of though. The little diplomat!

This morning, right after Daddy and Bob left for Bob's class:
"Where are my kids?"
"Your kids? Who are your kids?"
"My Daddy and my [Bob's real name].
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More fun with Edgar

Edgar: [standing in front of the mirror to see her outfit] (yes, it starts this early!)
Edgar: Hi. I'm [Edgar's Real Name].
Edgar: And dis is my mom. [Erbie's Real Name]. Are you like her?
Edgar: Hi. I'm [Edgar's Real Name].
Edgar: And dis is my mom. [Erbie's Real Name]. Are you like her?

Standing next to me while I type this:
Edgar: I'm looking at this. It's broken. Can you tink about it?

Later, sitting on my lap:
Edgar: Mama, I love you SUPER-much!
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This morning in the [ profile] erbie/[ profile] llnaughty household:

Erbie: [standing in the bathroom doorway, putting on her shirt]
Edgar: [rubbing the top of Erbie's foot with the bottom of her own]
Erbie: What are you doing to my foot?
Edgar: I'm just rubbing it.
Erbie: You're just rubbing it?
Edgar: Yeah. Because I love you!

Doesn't that just melt your heart?
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Upon being put down (I thought asleep) on the couch last night:
Edgar: [sleepy voice] Mama, don't leave me.
Erbie: Okay. I won't leave.
Edgar: [fading] Stay with me.
Erbie: I'm here.
Edgar: [almost out] Stay.

Upon awakening this morning:
Edgar: Mama, you my BEST friend!
Erbie: I am? What about Daddy?
Edgar: Daddy is my Dobie.

She called him her Dobie all day.

At the restaurant:
Erbie: Is Daddy your Dobie?

Upon having her diaper changed:
I'm pausing my poop!
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My poor girl had to have a tooth pulled yesterday. She had an abscess in the same spot she'd had one before and had a root canal on her baby molar. This time, the dentist said that the new tooth is right there ready to come in, and that we'd be coming back every few weeks to retreat the abscess, so we should just pull the tooth. Much terror and novacaine ensued. Poor kid. Afterward, she said it didn't hurt, she was just really scared. I held her hand the whole time and helped hold her jaw down so she wouldn't bite the dentist's finger off. Then I went to the great Jewish deli and got her chicken and rice soup without the chicken for lunch.

On the way home from daycare, Edgar said "When I grow up, I gonna go to the dentist and have a tooth pulled out." [ profile] llnaughty please correct the wording, since I wasn't there.
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This morning, on the way to daycare:

Edgar: I want your eyes and you have my eyes.
Erbie: Okaaaay.
Edgar: Give me your eyes.
Erbie: ...
Erbie: You can't have my eyes. How will I see?
Erbie: Okaaaaay. Here. [reaches back and taps her hand]
Edgar: Thank you Mama.
Erbie: You're welcome. [under breath] ya freak!
Edgar: [sing-song] I got your Nooo-ooose!
Erbie: Oh no! How will I breathe?
Edgar: You have my nose. Here!
Erbie: [reaches back and Edgar taps her hand] Oh, okay, I'll use your nose. Thanks. Oh, it's cute!
Edgar: No! Take it off! You no can use my nose!
Erbie; [o_0] Why not?
Edgar: It's too little!
Erbie: Okay. I took it off. Now I can't breathe.
Edgar: You no need to breav.
Erbie: Oh.
Edgar: Okay. Here your nose. You give me my nose back now.
Erbie: [taps her hand] Here you go.
Edgar: Thank you! Here your eyes. You give me my eyes now too.
Erbie: [taps her hand] Here you go.
Edgar: Oh! Thank you Mama! You put your eyes back now?
Erbie: Yes, I put my eyes back.
Edgar: Oh.
Edgar: This is my chin. You see it?
Erbie: [debates going through explaining once again that eyes must stay on the road. discards that option.] Oh, yeah, I see it.
Edgar: Where is your chin?
Erbie: It's right here. [points]
Edgar: Oh. It's on you face?
Erbie: Yep. Right where it always is.
Edgar: Huh?
Erbie: [never learns] Yes, it's on my face.
Edgar: Oh.
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Walking through Target, pushing Edgar in the cart.
Erbie: [thinking] Hmm, those coats look kinda nice. Ooh! $20! Score!
Edgar: Oh shit!
Erbie: [looks around sheepishly to see if other shoppers heard her two year old cursing like a sailor.]
Edgar: Shit! Oh SHIT!
Erbie: [tries to suppress embarrassed giggles while high-tailing it to another part of the store]
Edgar: Dammit!
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Overheard in the Erbie household:

Erbie: [is sitting at the desk randomly checking blogs and stuff]
Edgar: [is sitting on Erbie's lap, facing her]
Edgar: [sings] Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb. Mary had a little [stops] Mama!
Erbie: Heh
Edgar: YOU sing Mary had a little lamb.
Erbie: I don't want to sing Mary had a little lamb. YOU sing it.
Edgar: [brandishes index finger in Erbie's face] Actually, YOU sing it.
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The best part of nursing a toddler is not what you'd think. I mean, sure, the bonding is great, the immunological benefits increase with time, nutrition-wise, it's still the most perfect food for growing brains and bodies, it's an instant meltdown-tamer and owie-soother. All those things are wonderful. But no, the true best part of nursing a child who can talk is that they can talk to you about nursing.

When Bob was about Edgar's age, two and a half, I asked her what the milk tasted like. She said it tasted like fresh air.

Last night, I was nursing Edgar and she popped off, pointed to the breast she'd been nursing on and said "I don't want that one anymore. It's too spicy. I want that one," pointing to the other one. She switched sides and latched on and I asked her if that one was spicy too. She at first smiled and shook her head no,but about a minute later, she popped off and said "This one is spicy too. It's okay though. I like it."

Yes, folks, I have spicy breasts. And I'd never have known that if I didn't nurse my kids until they could talk.
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More hilarity from Edgar:

Me: [is stopped at a light, ready to turn right]
Light: [changes]
Me: [turns the corner and accelerates to about 30 mph]
Edgar: MAMA! No go faster! You going too faster! You going too faster!
Me: I'm not going that fast, Baby.
Edgar: No Mama! Slow down! Slow down! No go faster!
Me: Okay, I'll slow down. [stops at next light]
Edgar: Oh! Cank you Mama.
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Upon getting her out of the car at daycare this morning:

Edgar: I don't want to grow up.
me: You don't want to grow up?
Edgar: No.
me: Why not?
Edgar: It's. NO. fun.

This was shortly after she had said she didn't want me to leave when we got to daycare and I said I had to leave because I had to go to work. I don't know if it had any connection.

This child has had another language explosion in the last two weeks. She's gone from using her name when talking about herself to using I, has started enunciating more clearly (every word in that first sentence was clearly demarcated, especially the t's in don't and want), and she's started speaking in grammatically correct sentences a lot of the time. This week we've heard a lot of "I want to go to the park" and "I don't want you to go to work" and "I want to get out of the car" type stuff.

She also knows how cute she is. She'll ask for something and I'll say later and she'll put on her cutest smile, tilt her head to the side and say "Pleeeeeeeease?"

She's also been having trouble in the sleep department, resisting going to sleep and waking frequently. Pretty standard for a developmental spurt, but not so much fun when we're trying to watch Heroes at 10:15 pm and she's still awake, asking to play with her Play Doh, asking for a cookie, chasing after the cats, just WIDE awake. I think she finally went to sleep at 10:30. Shouldn't last too much longer as it's been about two weeks that this has been going on and all of a sudden her vocabulary seems to have doubled and her sentence structure has become much more complicated. So hopefully she's done with the sleep issues now that all that is in place.

She's very much a toddler. She wants to do things herSELF. She wants to walk and wander and not be in the cart, not be in the sling unless she's cold, not hold hands, not be carried. She feeds herself with a fork or spoon or her fingers, depending on the food. She tells me my milk tastes like chocolate on one side and coconut on the other. Her favorite foods are strawberries, chocolate, chicken, broccoli, avocado and whatever her sister or her mama is eating. She'll eat most anything, though peas are not on that list.

She and her sister have a lovely relationship. They sing songs about how the other one is their best best friend. They rarely have disagreements and when they do, it's usually because Edgar took something of Bob's and when Bob asked for it back, Edgar hit her. Bob needs to learn how to MOVE AWAY so that Edgar can't keep hitting her, and to put her stuff where Edgar can't reach it. She just sits there and cries while Edgar hits her, but she never hits her back. She never has a single time. She's very gentle with her and plays with her all the time. Edgar has a particularly enthusiastic laugh that I only hear when she and Bob are playing. They are constantly hugging and kissing each other.

Edgar is jumping, running, climbing, doing everything a full-term child this age should be doing. We have a referral for a pediatric ophthalmologist to check her eyes because preemies are at greater risk for retinopathy. The doctor doesn't suspect anything; it's just that this is a standard follow-up thing with preemies.

She's truly a delight.
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Overheard while walking into Target this afternoon:

Erbie: [is carrying Edgar]
llnaughty: [Edgar'sRealName], do you want Daddy to carry you?
Edgar: No. You no have a mole. You no carry me. Mama have a mole. I want Mama to carry me.
llnaughty: bzuh?
Erbie: [chortles]
llnaughty: I can't carry you because I don't have a mole?
Edgar: You no carry me bahcause you no have a mole.
Erbie and llnaughty: [exchange amused looks]
llnaughty: Okaaaaay.
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Overheard in the [ profile] erbie car this morning:

Me: listening to doom and gloom on NPR, tuning out the chatter coming from the back seat
Chatter: *gets louder and becomes frantic*
Me: *tunes in*
Edgar: "Aaaaaah! Baby on my head! Baby on my head! Aaaaaaaaah!"
Me: Bzuh?
Edgar: "Cake it off Mama! Cake it off!"
Me: "You want me to take the baby off your head?"
Edgar: [pathetically] "Yes."
Me: *reaches back and removes doll from the top of her head, WHERE SHE WAS HOLDING IT and places it in her lap.*
Me: "There you go."
Edgar: [as if discovering a new toy] "Oh! Cank you Mama."
Me: "You're welcome, goofball."
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Conversations with a 2 year old:

Edgar: Go ice skating.
me: you want to go ice skating?
E: [realname] go ice skating. Yesterday.
me: You went ice skating yesterday? (she didn't)
E: Yeaaaaah! And [bobrealname] and [edgarrealname] watch. And Mama.
me: [bobrealname] and Mama watched you ice skating?
E: Yeaaaaaaah.

Me: Okay, we need to get going. Let's go brush our teeth.
E: Oh, okay. Brusha my teeth. Bite a toofpaste.
Me: You want to use toothpaste?
E: Yes. Right there.
Me: The toothpaste is right there?
E: Yeah. Onna sidewalk. [realname] use it.

E: Mama, deener.
Me: You're hungry? You want dinner? (it's 9:00 am)
E: Yeah. A burrito. (sounds like beeraytoh)


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