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You know how something random can trigger a memory of a dream you had the night before, when you had totally forgotten it? I was walking into the stairwell, and a guy at my work, T, was walking back the way from which I had come. As I passed him, I got hit like a lightening bolt with the memory of a dream I had about him last night. (No, not THAT kind of dream, [ profile] archaica!)

I dreamed that I was checking out websites and I came across his website randomly. It was for his business as a male escort. There were all these pictures of him in tight shirts, looking all buff. I remember thinking in my dream that I hadn't realized he was so buff. He's definitely in shape, but he's not super buff like in the dream. He's this really nice, quiet, unassuming guy, and this is totally out of character for him.

I was giggling about it all the way to the cafe.
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You know you've been spending way too much time and effort on extracting milk from your boobs when... dream that you went on a cruise (without your baby!) and realized after sailing that you forgot your pump. You then proceed to panic and run around the ship screaming about OMG THE PUMP I FORGOT MY PUMP! Your mother's boyfriend then magically appears at your first stop (Acapulco!) with your pump and you are forever grateful. Somehow, you got to Acapulco before your boobs got all 'splodey, which is nigh impossible, given the amount of time it takes to get there from where you started.


(And now I must go extract, as merely talking about it makes me leak! Argh!
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Bob was apparently dreaming about food this morning. She was whining a little and said "But I don't LIKE raisins!" About 5 minutes later, she was almost crying and she said "I don't have any food! I don't have anything on my plate." I told her I'd get her something and then I said "Here you go, here's some food" and then she quieted down and slept more. Poor kid. First she's getting raisins, which she doesn't like, and then she has no food.


Mar. 5th, 2004 08:53 am
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Last night I had this very involved dream which involved me kissing Steve Page at a party, and him proposing to me. We had this weird sort of hippie/fairy wedding, the next morning, after everyone had slept in this big club. In the dream, I seemed to remember something about both of us being married, but in the course of the dream, it was irrelevant. I also was still on my diet, apparently, because I wouldn't eat wedding cake.

Oh, and I was also like 7 months pregnant. I wonder whose baby it was...



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