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This is about the coolest video I've ever seen. It was all filmed via webcam. Just WOW!

SOUR / 日々の音色 (Hibi no Neiro) MV from Magico Nakamura on Vimeo.

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I like this meme, so I will do it. There was no explanation when [ profile] nadyezhda did it, but I think what you're sposed to do is bold the places you've been. It's really rather US-centric, but that makes it easier for those of us who are in the US )
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Free Cone Day!

Today is Ben and Jerry's Free Cone Day. Check the website for a participating store near you!
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Dunno if it's really making those sounds, but SO COOL if it is! And some great looking plumage as well!

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What happens when you combine Mentos and Diet Coke?

OMG the funny!

Oh, and don't try it on yourself!
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419 scammer gets scammed. I was feeling sorry for the guy until I got to the last paragraph. Read it. It's good.
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Good dog!

How amazing that the dog can tell what the guy's blood sugar is from licking his nose! Very cool!
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This is an interesting idea. Has anyone heard about it? You can buy a pass that cancels out your car's carbon emmissions by funding lower emissions from other sources.

I was happy to find that my and [ profile] llnaughty's cars and driving habits count as efficient and hybrid, even though we have a small SUV and a non-hybrid. There's something to be said for living and working in the same city. I think he only put 4000 miles on his car last year and I only put around 8000 on mine. I'm hoping to reduce that further by talking him into riding a bike to work.
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I had a really pleasant moment at lunch today. [ profile] llnaughty and I drove about 15 minutes up the coast to a seafood place we like and had lunch. it's counter service, they call you and you get your food, but it's high quality food, not just fried garbage. I had tilapia with house-made coleslaw. He had lobster. Cheap, but good lobster! They have an herbal iced tea that tastes just like a passion fruit black tea, but it's herbal, no caffeine. I love it.

Outside is a beautiful wood deck patio area, with those half-window walls covered in flowering vines, the ocean on one side and mountains on the other. It's truly an idyllic setting. [ profile] llnaughty had gone to the restroom, and I was sitting out there in the sun (72 degrees and clear as a bell), a nice warm breeze blowing, listening to the reggae music and thinking what a beautiful moment in time it was. It just felt so peaceful and so *right*. Lunch doesn't get much better than that.
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Stage three of the two adopted Chinese girls.
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Ashcroft resigned!

*bounce bounce bounce*

My glee is tempered with dread at who he's going to put in there now, and where he's going to put Ashcroft.
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I got another nickel today. Thanks Gramma!

And my mom got on last Saturday.
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This is kinda cool.

Makes me want to visit the South this year.


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