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Cat lovers: An Engineer's Guide to Cats. Very funny.

I especially enjoyed the cat yodeling.
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This is mighty funny. There's a Russian Blue named Kira in there not looking very pleased to have a diaper on her butt.
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Hey [ profile] lietya!

My boss is looking into getting health insurance for her cat. I remember you mentioning that you had your beasts covered. Can you tell me about how much you pay and what it covers? Feel free to email me privately if you want.
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Pope loves cats.

I find it incredibly amusing that Mahoney has little cardinal hats for his cats and Pope Paul VI dressed his cat in a complete set of cat cardinal robes.
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While discussing cats with my mom, and the fact that they sometimes cough up a big chunk of nastiness:

Bob: I like cats. But sometimes they have hairballs, and that's kinda yucky.
Mom: They have hairballs, huh?
Bob: Yeah. I *know* hairballs.

Bad kitty!

Jun. 22nd, 2005 10:26 am
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So last night, we went to buy a bed for Bob's new room, went out to dinner, and didn't get on our way home until about 9. Bob asked if she could have a popsicle when we got home and we said sure, if she was awake. Since she hadn't napped, that was unlikely. She expressed concern about falling asleep and not getting her popsicle, so I told her she could have one in the morning if she was asleep when we got home. Of course she fell asleep, and we took her in and put her in bed.

Fast forward to 3 am. Bob wakes up. She realizes that no popsicle was had, and asks for one. We tell her she can have one in the morning. She starts crying. She asks for cold water. [ profile] llnaughty takes her in the kitchen and gets her a cup of cold water, brings her back and sets her down on the bed. She continues to cry about not getting a popsicle. [ profile] llnaughty, standing next to the bed, jumps, yelps "Ouch!" I hear the orange cat growling and hissing, and I think he must have stepped on the cat's tail and the cat scratched him.

This is not so. The cat had attacked and bit him. Again, the cat attacks him, this time jumping up and biting and scratching his butt. Then the cat jumps onto the bed, fur standing on end, ears back, growling, hissing and spitting at Bob. I'm still thinking the cat got stepped on, but then he lunges for Bob and I pull her back away from him as I realize he has some sort of issue with her crying. She continues to cry. Cat attacks [ profile] llnaughty again as he attempts to remove him from the room into the living room.

Bob continues to cry and we ask her if the cat hurt her or just scared her. She says he hurt her and I look through her hair but can't find the scratch.

So Bob has a scratch on the back of her head and [ profile] llnaughty has bites on his ankle, knee and butt. The knee one is pretty bad. OMGWTF???

I called the rescue woman this morning and she was as horrified as we were. She's picking him up tonight after work. I've never seen a cat do this that wasn't backed into a corner or chased by a dog. We weren't anywhere near him, he was freaked by Bob's crying. As she tends to do that daily, we can't have him in the house. The other cat was just sitting there on the dresser during the whole thing, but we kicked her out of the bedroom too, since Bob was so freaked. Plus, we had to put the litter box out there too.

I'm still freaked about it. This morning, there was a baby crying on TV and I looked at him and he looked aggressive again. Bob started whining about something and he looked at her and started toward her before I stepped in the middle, ready to defend my poor baby. WTF?
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One of the new cats has a meow that sounds like a human voice. A little while ago, she meowed and both of us jumped up and ran into the bedroom because we thought it was Bob crying. It's a little bit freaky
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It really must be a slow news day for this to be on the front page of

Poor kitty.


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