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Clips from Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers from the early 70's, about breastfeeding. If your work is opposed to images of womens' nipples close-up and feeding infants, then the Mr. Rogers one is NSFW. (Never thought I'd type those words. Mr. Rogers is NSFW. Heh.)

Can you imagine the outcry now if the Mr. Rogers one especially was shown today? I bet there'd be backlash even if the Sesame St. one was shown, what with a child (OMG won't someone think of the CHILDREN!) being so up close and personal with a woman breastfeeding, and looking at the baby and surely catching a glimpse of her breast and/or nipple!
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The best part of nursing a toddler is not what you'd think. I mean, sure, the bonding is great, the immunological benefits increase with time, nutrition-wise, it's still the most perfect food for growing brains and bodies, it's an instant meltdown-tamer and owie-soother. All those things are wonderful. But no, the true best part of nursing a child who can talk is that they can talk to you about nursing.

When Bob was about Edgar's age, two and a half, I asked her what the milk tasted like. She said it tasted like fresh air.

Last night, I was nursing Edgar and she popped off, pointed to the breast she'd been nursing on and said "I don't want that one anymore. It's too spicy. I want that one," pointing to the other one. She switched sides and latched on and I asked her if that one was spicy too. She at first smiled and shook her head no,but about a minute later, she popped off and said "This one is spicy too. It's okay though. I like it."

Yes, folks, I have spicy breasts. And I'd never have known that if I didn't nurse my kids until they could talk.


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