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So it looks like the insurance wants to fix the car, rather than total it. I'm happy and sad about that. Happy because I love my car, but sad because I don't know if I'll ever feel safe in it. We may look into trading both our cars in for something else. They're both paid off and we're not really in a position where we can afford a car payment at this point. Trade-in value on both cars together might just cover a new car. We like the Mazda5 we have on rental right now. It's so much more family friendly than the Forester, now that we have two kids and sometimes want to transport more people than just us. Sliding doors rock! I do have high praise for Subaru's designers though! We were hit at 40 mph and none of us has more than a few achey muscles. The car needs over 5k of repairs, but it did what it was supposed to do and protected us all, from the 17 lb infant to the [number redacted]-lb adults. Also big love goes out to Britax for their phenomenal carseats. And also to all my CPST friends and listmates whose advice caused us to make the choices we made in carseats, and to be so completely anal about them that they were properly installed and used. They undoubtedly saved Edgar's life, and likely prevented Bob from spending some serious time in the hospital, if not outright saved her life.

We took the kids back to the ped yesterday and they both checked out fine. We also both went in and saw our doctors. Mine took x-rays and offered me meds which I don't want to take because I'm still nursing. [ profile] llnaughty's took x-rays and offered him PT as well as muscle relaxants and high dose ibu. (I think I like his better. She did a much more thorough exam and seemed a lot more compassionate. I think I'll change to her.)

Thanks to everyone for your kind words. It means a lot to know that we have so many people who care about us, many of whom we've never even met.
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Dear work fridge cleaners:

You. Suck.

That was a full bottle of Martinelli's apple juice in that double bag with my creamer. I'm happy that you left the creamer, even in your zeal to throw away everything in the fridge, but the apple juice is actually more dear to me than the creamer. I had them in that double bag so that you'd see that they were together and leave them. I even had a nice labelmaker sticker on them so you'd know they were loved and wanted. Since you threw the bags away, my poor creamer was naked all weekend and this morning was used by several people, I surmise, and is now only half full. It was a brand new bottle on Friday and I had only used about a tablespoon of it. You see, those bags were there because we have creamer thieves on the floor and my poor creamer was hiding in there so that they couldn't get it.

But let's go back to the apple juice. I have a Dole bottle that I wash out and fill up at home with Martinelli's because it's so much better than any other apple juice. It's really expensive, about three times the price of other apple juice, but it's worth it. I use it to take my nasty-tasting herbs and it really masks the taste well, unlike the Dole kind. I had just refilled the bottle on Friday morning, so that was about a dollar's worth of apple juice you threw away, but it meant more to me than just money. Now I have to buy another Dole bottle and use it up before I can refill it with the good stuff.

Now I realize that there was a sign on the fridge saying that it would be cleaned out on Friday. However, that sign went up on Friday afternoon, not giving people much time to move their stuff if they don't visit the fridge very often. Also, you didn't throw out the cream cheese that was/is right below my creamer. You also didn't throw out various other things. So why did you open my bags that were tied in a knot, pull out the juice only, and toss it?

And did I mention that the vending machine next to that fridge is ALWAYS out of apple juice? Luckily, my sweet husband was able to find me some in another machine, so I didn't have to wander all over the building checking vending machines for apple juice.

I repeat: You suck!

No love,
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I have pinkeye.
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I have recently been completely off chocolate, among other things, because my baby has reflux. I'm starting to add things back to see how she does, so I'm not stuck eating chicken breast and rice and squash for the rest of her nursing career. Twice in the last week I've decided that it was time to try chocolate. She has not reacted. Yay you say? Yeah, yay for her. But boo for me, because it's caused *my* reflux to act up both times. BOOOOOOO!
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The new upstairs neighbor is putting in a new wood floor. It was supposed to be done yesterday. Apparently it's not, as there are loud scraping noises directly above my head. Grr!
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OMG, Miss COngeniality 2 is SO bad! It's scarily bad. Mind-numbingly bad!
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Yesterday, I took the day off and spent it with Bob, because her school was closed. Here are a couple of tibits from our conversations:

Me: You have used really polite manners while we've been eating lunch. I appreciate that. It helps me have a nice time eating in a restaurant with you.
Bob: Blah blah blah blah blah.

Bob (shaking head at me): You can't wash your car with tea, Mama.
Me: Okaaaaaay
Bob (sternly): So don't EVER do it again!
Me: Are you talking to me?
Bob: No, I'm talking to Mango. (her imaginary friend, or the spirit that follows her around, we can't decide.)


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