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Once again, technology meets Republican politician and hilarity (by which I mean the exposing of another racist GOP politician) ensues.

SRSLY, these people need to stop using computers.
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Dude, maybe you should turn the volume up on that speakerphone. I don't think people in CHINA can hear it!
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Grr. Afterschool program teacher has been making Bob wear her sweater when they play outside. I trust her to know whether she's cold or not. The kid is five years old, fer crissakes. I already had a conversation with one teacher, and it was passed on to her main afterschool teacher, who made a point to tell [ profile] llnaughty that she doesn't force the kids to wear sweaters. Apparently it didn't make it to the other one, who is in charge after the first one leaves, for an hour before I get there to pick her up. So now I have to have the conversation with the other one. It's so obvious to me that you don't force a child to wear a jacket, it's hard for me to come up with an explanation that doesn't sound snarky. It's not like it's 40 degrees out. It's in the mid to high 60's and she's running around like a fiend, and she gets hot. I figure she'll put it back on it she gets cold. I've done this with her since she was a toddler. She knows her body, not the teacher. I hate having to do this.
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OMG, PICK UP THE RECEIVER AND STOP TALKING ON THE SPEAKER WITH YOUR DOOR OPEN! W.T.F, DUDE??? I just walked by and it's not like you're doing anything that needs your hands and there's nobody else in there with you!
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Dear Clueless Woman at the Pharmacy,

It is generally accepted practice that one lets the pharmacy people know when one has arrived to pick up one's prescription. Sitting in the waiting area and then bitching at someone else whose name is called before you that you were there first is pretty ridiculous. I was just trying to get my baby's meds so she can breathe, not trying to cut in front of you. But when I came in, I made myself known to them and asked them if my scrip that I handed in an hour before was ready. You, apparently, just walked in and sat down. I'm not sure how they were supposed to know your prescription had been called in two days ago before you started yelling at the pharmacy techs and me that you were "before all these other people" who actually took the trouble to go up to the counter and ask if their scrips were ready. Yelling at me when I come and sit two chairs away from you and then get called before you is not going to get you your meds more quickly, and frankly, makes you look like a bit of an asshole. Even the other guy who was sitting there before you were, and who you told to go ahead of you, rolled his eyes, gave me a look of sympathy and said his scrip wasn't ready yet. I'm sorry that they gave me my scrip before you got yours. I tried to let you go ahead of me, but they had already rung me up. Please stop acting like an asshole. I just want my baby to be able to breathe. If you'd done what you were supposed to, you wouldn't even have been sitting there, waiting for someone magically to know who you were and what you wanted.

Thanks for being a pain in my ass today, like I needed another one.

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Racist much?

Katy, TX is all in a tizzy because a Muslim group wants to build a mosque, along with an Islamic school, a community center, housing for seniors, after school programs, a fitness center.

One guy is going to hold pig races along the proprty line on Muslim holy days.

Some choice quotes:

Cynthia Blackman wrote Radack that the center was a security risk: “Would you and your family safely and comfortably live next to this 11-acre Muslim mosque and facilities?”

Besides keeping track of the running total of post-Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, the Web site provides home addresses of some association members and advises people who see anything suspicious to contact the FBI. Many people have sent anti-Islamic e-mails to the site.

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Limbaugh blames the victim.

So what I'd like to know is *so what* if a FIFTEEN YEAR OLD child was egging on a 50 year old man? Somehow he was powerless to stop himself from typing out sexually explicit IMs to the kid? EVEN IF IT'S TRUE, which I don't believe, I don't care if the kid was standing naked in front of him and begging for it, he was still a CHILD. Exactly what makes Limbaugh think that makes it okay?

JUST ONCE, I'd like the Republicans to step up and accept responsibility for their fuck-ups. Is it really so hard to say "Oh shit, we should've kicked him out long ago"? All this blame the victim and blame the dems is just making them look worse. If they stepped up and took responsibility, I bet it wouldn't hurt them as badly in the election as all this bullshit.

Limbaugh also revealed the name of the kid. So did Drudge. How do they look themselves in the mirror?
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Wah wah wah. Poor little attention-grabber doesn't like it when they talk about her drunk driving. Hear that sound? It's a million violins playing "My Heart Bleeds for You."
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Bite me, you patronizing asshole. I'm not confused or lacking in courage. You're just WRONG. I have no "moral or intellectual confusion" regarding what threatens our nation's security. It's YOU and your boss and your ilk. Remember when they had a moment of silence for us in Tehran? Remember when the President of *France* said "we are all Americans today"?

Here's my favorite part:
He [Rumsfeld] said, for example, that more media attention was given to U.S. soldiers' abuse of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib than to the fact that Sgt. 1st Class Paul Ray Smith received the Medal of Honor.

You mean violating the Geneva Convention, international law, US law, any sort of Christian beliefs that you claim to espouse, basic humanity and common decency takes a back seat to one guy who got a medal? I'm happy that Sgt Smith got a medal of honor, but that doesn't mitigate my extreme horror at the atrocities of Abu Ghraib.
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WTF is wrong with this judge?

If the kid was two years older, there's nothing he could do, but since he's under 18, the judge can just ignore what the kid and his parents want and force him to have treatment? If it were my kid, we'd be moving somewhere they don't force people to undergo medical treatment they don't want. Sixteen is old enough to make that decision, with support from his parents.
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The hospital that Edgar is in is a university hospital. I went to that university. Back when I was a student, I went to donate blood at said university hospital. That was 15 years ago. Fifteen years ago, they had a question on the screening questionnaire, which is no longer on the current questionnaire, that was something along the lines of "Have you ever had any sexual contact with someone who could ever possibly have had sexual contact with someone who has HIV or has used IV drugs?" (Notice it doesn't say unprotected sexual contact?)

In my literal-minded youth, I took it to mean that if you haven't spent every minute of every day with every person you've ever had sexual contact with, then how can you REALLY know? I mean, you can trust someone, but they could still be lying, right? So unless you were a virgin, which I was not, you'd really HAVE to answer that question as yes. At that point, I had had sex with two people, both of them long-term boyfriends. One of them had cheated on me, and even though he said he used a condom, if he'd cheat, he sure as hell could lie. I never had sex with him without a condom.

So I answered the question yes. They came in and asked me about it, and I basically said what I said above, how can you know, if you have ever let them out of your sight? They took that to be suspicious and deferred me. Apparently forever. I still remember the attitude of the person who deferred me. She acted like I was carrying the plague and she couldn't wait to get me out of her sight.

Cut to fifteen years later, when my premature infant is in the hospital and may need a second transfusion. I am now 7 weeks post partum, so I am eligible to donate blood. It's pretty iffy if they'd let me anyway, given my blood loss during surgery and my chronic anemia, but I've been hitting the iron pretty hard and I wanted to at least try to give my baby my blood. Her daddy is still ineligible until July 7.

So I go in and fill out the form and sit and wait. They finally call me in and tell me I am indefinitely deferred because of the answer on that question 15 years ago. The question they no longer even ask. So I can't donate blood to my own child, despite having carried her in my body, despite the fact that if I had it, she'd likely already have it since I didn't take AZT during pregnancy, despite the fact that if I had been exposed to HIV 15 years ago, I'd sure as hell know it by now, despite the fact that when you're pregnant, you get an HIV test, and I have tested negative with both pregnancies, despite being in a monogamous relationship for 11 years, despite the fact that my husband has been tested several times in conjunction with immigration proceedings, despite the fact that I have donated blood twice through the Red Cross, despite the fact that do you think that if I had ANY inkling of suspicion that I had HIV that I WOULD DONATE BLOOD TO MY CHILD???

I do understand that they have rules and they have to be very very careful to keep the blood supply as safe as possible. But given my answers on the questionnaire they use today, I am eligible to donate, and they don't even ask that question anymore, isn't it a little ridiculous to defer me, since I have explained to them why I answered the question that way? It wasn't in any way because I thought my boyfriend might have been exposed to HIV. It was because the damn question was really vague and I thought I was being honest to answer it that way.

How bizarre is it that an answer on a questionnaire 15 years ago prevents me from donating blood to my baby now. If she'd been born in a different hospital, it wouldn't be an issue. It's only because this hospital is connected with the university where I tried to donate then.

The nurse was going to send it to the director and see if they can lift the deferment. It's still not even likely that I have a high enough iron level to donate, or that if I can, that I'm CMV-negative, (most of the adult population is not, and infants have to have CMV-negative blood for transfusions), but I'd at least like to try.

She may not need another transfusion, as she *is* making red blood cells, and they are giving her Procrit. But if her hematocrit keeps dropping, she will need another one.
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I like how they describe it as "vengeful mouse". The man threw the poor thing into a *fire*, and it ran out and back into the house. House burning down serves him right for throwing a live animal into a fire!
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Seriously, WTF is wrong with Pat Robertson. (Aside from being an asshole, that is.)
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Another OMGWTF moment.

Luchtime. [ profile] llnaughty and I were returning from eating out. We parked in a parking structure that has three aisles and you go around and around to go up or down. I was on the end, another car turned from the middle aisle in front of me, and I proceeded to follow them. Instead of continuing, I had to slam on my brakes because the next car from the middle aisle didn't yield right of way to me (which he should have, as I was already in the crossing aisle and he was trying to get into it) and he just went. I made a WTF face, and he yells out his window "Stop, you fucking cunt!" I looked at [ profile] llnaughty and asked him if I was in the wrong there, if this guy should have had right of way or should have stopped, because, I admit, sometimes I can get a little myopic. He agreed with me that I was in the right and that the guy's reaction was a tad excessive.

Now, those who know me know that I'm generally a pretty nice person, and not really deserving of being called a fucking cunt, even when I'm being unpleasant. But this guy cut me off and then STILL needed to yell obscenities at me? He must have some major anger issues.

So, we followed him around and around until we got to the place where you can turn into the middle aisle again to go back up. He turned, I went straight so I could exit. I rolled down my window and yelled "Asshole!", to which he replied with the same old tired thing he called me before. Asshole didn't really feel adequate for what he did, but it was the best I could come up with without resorting to screaming the F word in a public parking structure. (I know, I know, screaming asshole isn't all that much better.)

WTF is wrong with people?
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Think again! A woman in West Los Angeles was denied birth control for which she had a prescription, by a pharmacist, after suffering a miscarriage, AND she was given a lecture by the pharmacist. I wish I knew what pharmacy it was. I'd go there and try to fill my pill presciption. If they refused and didn't give me my scrip back, I'd call the police. And that pharmacist would get a hell of a lecture from me!

Hmm, with all the bounty of the internets, I bet I can find out. Or if I can't, I bet [ profile] llnaughty can.
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I do so love being told how to live by such upstanding moral authorities as this.

Because, you know, allowing two people to make a legal commitment to each other is so awful, compared to using your position as a married youth pastor to start an affair with a 17-year-old.

So is this "war on culture" he speaks of a war on those wanting to stop statutory rape? A war on people trying to prevent child molestation?

The mind boggles. How is it possible to be such a hypocrite without your head exploding?


Aug. 3rd, 2004 11:49 am
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You may or may not know that I sell stuff on eBay pretty frequently. I have never had a problem with anyone not paying, until now.

Now I have two people who bought a combined total of 6 items, and neither has paid, nor has either responded to any of my attempts to contact them. I have tried using eBay's contact feature, and I have emailed them directly. The last auction ended on July 21, so that's 2 weeks tomorrow, and my listings clearly state that they have to contact me within 3 days and pay within 5 days.

One person has over 800 feedback, and she has a 100% rating. She has bought from me before with no problem. I looked at her recent feedback, and none of the auctions ended after 7/22. When I try to email her, it bounces, saying that her mailbox is full. She has Hotmail. So I'm thinking she's out of town or something. She appears to be a good eBayer, so I'm inclined to cut her some slack and not just give her a negative. To a point. I don't know how long I should wait. Should I give her another week?

The other person, however, has a total of 3 feedback, 2 of which are negative. I got no bounce message from this one, so I'm assuming she's ignoring my emails. She bought 4 things. It cost me money to list them. Now I will have to relist themand wait and see if they sell to see if I have to pay again. I'm a lot less inclined to give this person any slack. So do I make one final attempt, and give her three more days to contact me, or do I go ahead and give her 4 negatives, since she's clearly way outside of my stated payment policy, and apparently has had the same issues with 2 out of 3 of the other auctions she's won?
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Once again, a big thank you (or is that F You?) goes out to "President" Bush for making the world a harsher place for all women.

If you are so inclined, please go here and donate to the United Nations Population Fund. You can even donate with Paypal!

Here is what the UNFPA does:

"We support programmes that help women, men and young people:

  • plan their families and avoid unwanted pregnancies

  • undergo pregnancy and childbirth safely

  • avoid sexually transmitted infections(STIs) - including HIV/AIDS

  • combat violence against women. "

Wow, I can see why the administration would be against that!
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Those of you who know me probably know that I have a little issue with personal privacy. I don't fill out surveys, I don't give my name over the phone, and I don't give my phone number at Toys R Us or Waldenbooks when they ask for it. I don't want junk mail, and I don't want to make it easy for identity thieves to get ahold of my info, or THE MAN to track my every movement. I figure I'm already in some FBI files, since I took part in some protests back in college. Some may say I'm a little paranoid, but with the Patriot Act in force, I'm not convinced that I am.

So anyway, this morning, something happened that hit that little privacy nerve dead on. )
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Stupid moron. S T U P I D!

What is wrong with him? His Machiavellian approach to US politics pisses me off. I can see his point about the two parties being for sale to the highest corporate bidder, but HELLO! Does he really think we're better off having had his little exercise in democracy, than had Gore been elected? Does he thinking handing Bush the Whitehouse in 2000 has advanced the ideals he supposedly espouses?

Would we have the Patriot Act? No. Would hundreds of our soldiers have died in Iraq? No. Would our civil liberties be in danger of completely disappearing as this country becomes a police state. No. Would we be drilling in the Arctic National Refuge? Would we have pulled out of the Kyoto Accords? Um, no.

With all the people pissed off at Bush, there may actually be a chance to get him out of office. So once again, Nader's sticking his stupid short-sighted arrogant nose in and screwing it up. His argument that people who voted for him in 2000 would have voted for Bush if he hadn't been running is a load of crap. I'd have to say I'm about as liberal as you can get, I share many of the ideals and political views of the Greens, but I would sooner cut off my head than vote for Bush, and I think I'm not alone in this. I hardly think masses of environmentalists would have voted for the oil barons.

Such an arrogant jerk. Hopefully he won't be able to get on the ballot in many states, without any party backing him. And hopefully people like me are still pissed off enough at him to keep him from getting too many votes. We need to unite the liberal vote to get Bush out, not split it.

Stupid Nader.


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