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No editorializing on my part, just typing what comes out of her mouth.

My Trip to Africa
One day I was at Africa, and I saw a big bear. And then he was scary. And nice. And then he was nice and grumpy and scary. And then I was walking with the bear because the bear was my friend. And then I saw a big restaurant full of people and I was a people and the bear was not a people so I had to go in the but the bear was not have to go in. Then I was eating along, but suddenly there's a lot more people coming in. they wanted my spot. Then I was calling the bear to scare them away. Cause he's grumpy and nice and he's mad and he is so so so so so so so so so so so so so so angry. (Editor: Why is he so angry?) Cause he's my friend and he's angry. Cause he's crying because he love me. Then he was crying because he much more loves me. Then there was a big mama bear and the little bear was a baby bear. The papa bear was so angry. Then they was taking the baby bear home and I was saying no no nononononononononononononononononono. And then? Then he had a flash and I was calling him on my flash phone. Then he had to go. He did not even tell he's parents that he just let goed of he's parentses hand. But he was not even listening. So. He was SOOOO angry and SOOOO mad. The mommy and daddy. Then, they were alive home. The end.

Once up on a time, there was a BIG big BIG forest and there was a lot of animals in it. Bears, tigers, lions. Tigers, bears. Mama bear, Papa bear, Baby bear, gramma bear, sister bear, brother bear. Okay. A cake for Mama bear, sister bear, papa bear, baby bear, brother bear, gramma bear. An auntie bear and papa bear. Papa bear. And Ye-Ye bear. The end.

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I can just SEE her telling this. Especially if the Bear Board Box is out...


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