May. 20th, 2010

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I realize that I have been remiss in keeping you all up to date on my friend V and her partner A. A is doing pretty well. She's had several months of chemo and, while it's not fun, she's doing okay with it. The intestinal cancer has not returned. The liver cancer has not grown significantly, but it hasn't shrunk either. She's going to have needle radiation in a couple weeks. She's had a few of the worst chemo drugs stopped, because the side effects were too much, but that doesn't seem to have been a problem as far as treatment. She has another four months of chemo ahead of her. She had a scan last week because she'd been getting headaches and they were afraid it had spread to her brain, but her brain is clear. The headaches are likely a side effect of the chemo she's on, as that's one of the known side effects. So she's doing okay, hanging in there, keeping a positive attitude and outlook.

OTOH, V's boss, my friend K, has just been diagnosed with lung cancer. She had surgery today and they think they got it all. It was pretty hardcore, with them opening her chest. They also took some lymph glands, to be safe. They don't know yet what her prognosis is or her treatment plan. The good news is that it's not small cell, which, from what I understand, is the really virulent one. She's also keeping a positive outlook and is determined to beat it and be healthy. Any good thoughts or prayers going her way and V's way would be much appreciated.
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Dear people who don't know what the fuck they're talking about:

This whole "breastfeeding mothers need to be considerate of others because nobody wants to see you flapping your breasts at them," "you have to be discreet," "show some consideration," "what about the chiiiiillllldruuuuuun?" bullshit is exactly that. Bullshit. Have you EVER seen a woman flash her breasts at you while breastfeeding? IT'S A STRAWMAN, and it's anti-feminist and it's another way to silence women.

I would bet you a LOT of money that I have seen more women breastfeeding than you have. (Unless you're a lactation consultant.) I have nursed both of my children well into their preschool years and I have sought out the company of other breastfeeding mothers. I have helped my cousins and friends breastfeed their babies. I have NEVER ONCE seen a breastfeeding mother flapping their breasts in the breeze. In fact, I have seen a nipple exactly four times, and those were all people I knew well and were either in their home or the hospital. I would also bet you a lot of money that you have seen a whole lot more women breastfeeding than you realized. When mine were infants, I was CONSTANTLY approached because the person wanted to "see the face of the sleeping baby" when in actuality that baby was sucking on my breast. With my oldest, I walked around malls and ate at restaurants and went to Disney World and department stores and parks and anywhere I wanted to go and that child was breastfeeding the whole time. And nobody knew. Because that's how it looks. You see more breast on magazine covers and billboards than you see when a mother is breastfeeding. And guess what? Most of us aren't all that concerned that your precious eyes will be scarred by catching a glimpse of a sliver of boob. Because we're more focused on getting the baby latched on before they start screaming, which I guarantee you creates more of a ruckus than sitting on a bench nursing. And you'd have to be staring pretty hard to see anything anyway, since the baby's head covers most of the breast.

There's a REALLY simple way to avoid seeing the breasts of a woman who is nursing her baby. Stop staring so hard! And take your strawman and your attempts at oppressing women and shove them up your ass. Don't try to tell me it's anything other than anti-feminist bullshit.



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ETA: I had cut it, but I changed my mind.


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